Nature Education Enterprises (NEE) has published two books: Wildflowers of the Olympics and Cascades and Guide to Hurricane Ridge. Both were written by Charles Stewart, a long-time Olympic National Park ranger and naturalist who also knows his way around a camera.

Wildflowers of the Olympics and Cascades

Charles Stewart published his first wildflower book in 1972 titled Wildflowers of the Olympics. It consisted of 100 common wildflowers that can be found in Olympic National Park and surrounding area. It was well received for it was one of the first wildflower books to appear on the market in full color. The book was expanded in 1988 to 192 common wildflowers of both the Olympic and Cascade ranges. The current book, the third edition, has 224 color photographs of common wildflowers distributed from British Columbia to northern California, as well as text about 40 additional wildflowers. Read more and view sample pages…

About Nature Education Enterprises

Nature Education Enterprises (NEE) was founded in 1974 to publish books and booklets to aid visitors to the Olympic Peninsula who marveled as its wildflower display. After writing Wildflowers, Charles realized that a short guide to Hurricane Ridge—the most popular destination in Olympic National Park—would help visitors. Soon after, a Guide to Hurricane Ridge was published.

For more than three decades, we’ve carried out our founding principle by expanding the wildflower book to include the Cascade Range and creating a new, more comprehensive edition of the guide book. In fact, the Hurricane Ridge guide was so popular, it’s currently out of stock. Read more…